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Covergirl Coupons

Jeniene Patterson of Texas once related the following story in her blog: “A short while ago I pulled out a box in my room containing the journals of my younger years. I had forgotten about some of the journals I found and as a result, was eager to thumb through their pages and remember what my childhood was like. One passage in particular really stood out to me. I was about seven at the time (I could tell because my handwriting was a little difficult to read) and writing about what I wanted when I was older. I talked about how I wanted to have long flowing hair, and pierced ears, as well as a cool car. Then I said very briefly “Oh I can’t wait until I am fourteen-years-old because then I can wear make-up! Right now my mom says I can’t wear makeup until I am fourteen.” How I awaited for my fourteenth birthday with baited breath! My time would come sooner than I thought. At the age of 13 my mother awarded me with some base and mascara. I couldn’t believe my eyes; I had made it, made to womanhood. Well in my own eyes at least.”

Jeniene is perhaps one among many when it comes to makeup. As little girls we often dream of what it would be like to wear makeup. It isn’t until we start buying the products ourselves that we realize how expensive it can get. That’s why things like Olay Coupons and Covergirl coupons are so wonderful. Using these will allow you to find beauty at an inexpensive price. Obtaining these coupons can be a bit tricky but not if you know where to find them. Below are a few of our suggestions to get you started:

This website not only gives options for different Covergirl Coupons, but it also gives different ways to coupon with Covergirl coupons. There are descriptions for the Kiss and Tell sweepstakes, the Covergirl Text Club options, and the ‘Covergirl Natureluxe Guarantee.’ So if you’re looking for not only great coupons but also different opportunities associated with Covergirl discounts, definitely check this out.


If you want a site that will not only give you discounts but allows you to buy the product right there, this is your site. The eStore has listed each product that is on sale along with its picture. In the top left-hand corner of the picture, there will be a banner stating if it has a coupon or not. Some other things each picture includes are colors/shades, product descriptions, and product details. This site is easy to navigate and very reliable.


This site includes coupons you can find online and coupons you can find in the newspaper as well. Some of the coupons actually have an option where you can go and look at different ways to use the coupons to their fullest advantage. If however, you look closer at the dates listed on the site, it will say at the top ‘Covergirl Coupons 2012’ but on the newspaper coupons listed it will have the year 2011. You can still get coupons from this site, just be careful to make sure that they aren’t expired!


This site doesn’t really give you the coupons; it more or less just notifies you of the upcoming coupons you can find in your paper. It’s part of the official Covergirl site and therefore very reliable. The coupons will be updated and the site will show you which issue or newspaper to look in for the coupons.